May 31, 2011


One major problem I have? Storage. I have to admit that I own a pretty big shoes/purse/jewelry collection, that screams to be stored and kept properly! So the Expedit from Ikea turned out to be the perfect space for purses and loads of other stuff. In addition I like little display cases with sub-cases (? this is where my english-skills end!). Also I got a couple of new plants, their names are Kerstin, Marvin, Herta and Günther. But more about them in a different post...

May 30, 2011

the greatest business card of all time

I am working on a new business card at the moment. So I went through the business cards I've collected over the years and found my favorite business card ever. A veterinarian in Seoul gave it to me and first I found it pretty disturbing. Now I realized that it's the coolest business card ever. Maybe I'll get a business card with a photo of me choking a dog.

May 29, 2011


On friday I went to see h.anna at Mode Mühlbauer, one of the coolest stores in Vienna, for a little project. It's just such a cool place: the interior, the design, the setup and of course the fashion! Here's some impressions from the store and if you wanna know what exactly I was doing there: stay tuned!

May 28, 2011

"Da setz ma uns mal auf's Sofa, gell?" - Modepalast Opening 2011

Again, sorry to my english readers, this is another post in german. I've been way to lazy to compose a cool sounding english text, haha. But this is about the Modepalast Opening 2011, a fashion exhibition taking place in Vienna. You can check out their website here, but apparently they didn't manage to set up a functioning website in english. The opening wasn't what I expected from an opening which claims to be "international" and "modern".

Was verbinde ich mit Radio Wien? Superaufregende Gespräche über "was mache ich, wenn der Dill in meinem Garten nicht richtig wächst?" und Hits meines Lieblingsstars am Italo-Pophimmel: Eros Ramazotti. Eine Radio Wien Moderatorin war vermutlich nicht die beste Wahl für das Opening des Modepalasts. (Babystimme ON)"jetzt setz ma uns mal auf's Sofa, gell?" (BABYSTIMME OFF). Als die  VeranstalterInnen dann - am Sofa sitzend - noch verkünden sie würden sich über das Modeangebot für "best agers" freuen, frage ich mich: "Was sind best ager?" Und wer sind dann die "worst ager"?. 

Schon etwas geistesumnebelt und um mein leeres Glas Bowle trauernd (da waren echte Himbeeren drin!), kam nach dem Interview mit Frau Jank der wohl verstörendste Teil der Opening Ceremony, den ich bis heute nicht richtig begriffen habe. Ein kleiner Vortrag über Waschmaschinen, die aufstrebende "Waschkultur" und voluminöse Wäsche..... HÄ??? (ich entschuldige mich an dieser Stelle für meine mangelnde Eloquenz). Für die Hundedame auf der Bühne gab's dann aber tausend Pluspunkte bei mir!

Long story short: die Aussteller enttäuschten mich Großteils, bis auf ein paar Ausnahmen. Erwähnenswert war definitiv das Newcomer Duo meshit, die  mir mit ihren Stücken Herzerl in die Augen zauberten. Die rosa Short aus Samt hol' ich mir noch irgendwann! Das grüne Sackerl von den Pantomimen (?) am Ausgang war auch liab. Danke!

Hier ein paar Impressionen via Stylekingdom:

May 27, 2011

minnie mouse in da house

I'll tell you more about the Modepalast opening in Vienna last night. But first I need a day to recover from it! A tiny, little hint: it was really, really "interessting".

May 26, 2011


I haven't had too much time to do high quality blogging lately (well, is it normaly high quality blogging? haha), but here's something you should check out. Photos by Ben Sullivan for Oyster. Oh yeah and on top, that's me hiding, because I look like crap from working for my final project all day.

May 25, 2011


In case you don't know what to do with your scarfs now that it's getting summer.

May 24, 2011

losing it

These last posts were mostly about dancing. Well this one is about "losing it". I am in love with "lose it" by Austra (listen to it at the bottom of this post). Losing it - losing control. One more week and I am free! But: I have a brand new facebook page! Like it here.

May 23, 2011

disco mondays

Only a week more to go and I am done with uni for this semester. I have some projects to hand in and an exam I am not looking forward to. This is the zipper I got last friday at the pop up store. It's amazing and it brightens up my day. Have a good week, darlings!

Lina Scheynius

She's a swedish photographer and just blows my mind. Check her out here