Jun 29, 2011


One thing I don't like about thrifting? Dusty hands after. I love old things but the fact that you have to dig through loads of moldy, dusty things kills me. The more impressed I was when I found the Mulholland Drive Vintage Shop in Krakow. It's the most well kept and fanciest second hand store I've ever been to. Unfortunately one of the blouses I bought had a little rip on the arm, which I realized after buying it. But other than that I was super impressed by everything and really loved the cute girl by the cash desk.

Another secret spot, a little less posh, is Plac Nowy in the Kazimierz district. It's a little square with venders that sell jewelry, old bags, clothing but also food and flowers. You can find the most amazing leather goods there!

Jun 28, 2011


Vro-tz-wav, vrahts-wahf, vrotz-lav, rotz-slarv! Damn it! I am giving up on pronouncing Wroclaw correctly. Not as "polished" and touristy as Krakow we spent two nights here. We had the best dinner ever at Restaurant Przystan and an amazing party on the rooftop of Hotel Monopol with all the super nice google people working in Wroclaw. I got a little sick after spending 15 zloty (!!), on M&M's at 4 am in the morning and inhaling the whole pack. Of course, the next morning we had one of the top 3 worst hangovers of our lives but the great polish dumplings helped us recover fast. The old town was beautiful but I was more interested in side tracking and discovering "real" Wroclaw. Enjoy!


Jun 27, 2011


So a while I go I told you how I got to visit Mode Mühlbauer for something I really enjoyed... I picked that outfit because I loved how it reminded me of a tennis player in Oxford 1967 or something like that... Well here's the outcome. Thanks to h.anna for the opportunity!

Jeans shirt: A.P.C.
Short: Sofie D´Hoore
Belt: Sofie D´Hoore
Bag: A.P.C.

Jun 26, 2011


If I don't manage to get a proper job in the future I now have a great alternative perspective: I'll be a truck driver! I drove all the way to Krakow, then to Wroclaw and back to Vienna. Polish drivers are crazy. Seriously. Also I feel like a mullet and lumberjack shirt would suit me really well. You can imagine how tan my left arm is. Poor right arm! Anyway, Krakow was amazing, we basically ate pierogi (polish dumplings) and drank beer 24/7. The city is so vibrant and young, sometimes even we felt a little old compared to the super young population there! I discovered the most awesome vintage store on earth, but more about that later. Now some impressions from Krakow.


Jun 24, 2011


love, love, love!

nudes | Fashiolista

Jun 22, 2011

some art to begin the week with

I know, I know, it's wednesday, the week isn't reeeally beginning. But on monday I went to the exhibit of the austrian artist Hans Kupelwieser at WUK. I love to WUK for everything it is. It's right next to my place and I love going there for concerts, exhibits or just for food. It's one of the oldest art institutions in Vienna! So before going to Votiv Kino and watching the really disturbing movie "Tree Of Life" we went to the exhibit, which I really liked. It's a mix of photography, photograms and installation. So tomorrow I am leaving for a little trip to POLAND! I am so excited, I've never been there. We are checking out Krakow and then Wroclaw, where Shini from Park & Cube took amazing photos a couple of months ago.

Jun 20, 2011

oh my deer

i finally found some time to set up a tumblr page! check it out here.

Jun 19, 2011


Look at those eyes. They're saying: I'm tired, I am hungover, I  saw the coolest shows ever, I met cool people, I danced my ass off, I ate junk food, I got soaking wet in the rain, I slept in a car with my best friend and: I WANT SOME SLEEP. So yeah, UAF was insane, I have a new obsession for Deichkind after seeing their amazing live performance. Unfortunately there were some things that made me really mad, such as drugs everywhere and the fact that we couldn't get into the main hall friday night... Paying 100 Euros for a ticket and then not being able to see some of the main acts. What a joke.

Anyway, I only took photos with my lomo camera, so real photos from the festival will be following soon. Until then I have some phone shots, just so you know how cool the lights shows were :)

shorts, belt, top | h&m
sunnies, shirt | UO
hat | some trashy store in Las Vegas