Jul 28, 2011


La Redoute has always been a little strange to me. I think the company has someschizophrenic issues: they don't really know what they are. The retailer that supplies families and old couples? The cool fashion company that offers brand new looks? That was also represented at their showroom in Vienna. Some pieces were truely awful and inbetween I found some really nice ones. Those lace-up loafers really blew my mind and the fluffy, white faux fur coat did too (obviously, I mean it's fluffy!). But then: what's with those ugly lacy dresses? Or those that look like they're from Kik? Anyway, the office looked really cute, the models seemed a little confused, but La Redoute definitely scored with their great office interior! Look at that polar bear and the pink frog! So classy.

Jul 27, 2011

the best sweater of all time



Jul 26, 2011


yeah... i know. i don't have an iron! people always make fun of me, because i always look like i've dressed straight from the suitcase. but even the wrinkles don't do any harm to this wonderful vintage dress i got at the vintage pop up market on brick lane in london. the belt is an old piece from my mum. also i made new additions to my store, there's loads of new shoes!

Jul 25, 2011

I spent my weekend...

... in a truely wonderful place. Hotel Forelle at Millstätter Lake is such an idyllic, calm and relaxing place. Right by the wonderful carinthian lake it's simply the best place to spent a weekend. What I did? Eat, eat, eat. Relax, relax, relax. Watch yourself.

Jul 22, 2011

curtain skirt!

My Ebay store is finally online! Sincea lot of people were interested in the second hand pieces I was selling on my page, I decided to open up a store on Ebay to make the process easier. It's hard for me to get rid of my clothes, because I always have an emotional bond somehow and there's always a story behind it. (yeah, I am getting very deep into fashion here, haha)

Check out the store HERE.

Skirt | Zara
Belt | Vintage
Blouse | Urban Outfitters

Jul 21, 2011


i don't think there's a need to mention how tempting it is to spend loads and loads of money in london. there's simply the best vintage stores ever and the selection is just huge. i have to admit that sometimes it is even too much for me and i get overwhelmed and storm out the store without buying anything. (yeah, poor me!) but i still spend hours of looking through things and getting some inspiration. that weekend we went to camden town, stroll through the market with all it's great food and vintage stalls, brick lane with it's high quality second hand items and vintage pop up stores and of course the crazyness on oxford street, where i found all my favorites such as UO.

Jul 20, 2011

dishes, please!

 UO's crockery shop just makes my heart jump! i want them all!

Jul 19, 2011


apart from reeeeally good shopping we loved the reeeeeally good food in london. we both took recommendations from friends but also tried a couple of new things ourselves. From the massive amount of food we had, here's a little selection of deliciousness. Breakfast at bishopsgate kitchen, market food around Camden town and of course cupcakes!