Sep 30, 2011


wow, wow, wow. yesterday: seriously one of the best nights ever. i had quite high expectations for waves but they were even exceeded. first, we went on a ride with the incredible heineken music train. even though there weren't too many people when we first got in, we had such a blast. the trains that we ride everyday transformed into a party tram! so cool! and then WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at flex...woah. i can't describe what kind of music they make, it's just the most unique thing ever. after we went on another ride with the music train and ended up at badeschiff, where we stayed a little, hung out by the water and had some beer. tonight i will go and see CITY AND COLOUR at WUK, which i can not wait for. saturday some more waves action and many more things coming up. stay tuned :)

thanks to christian for taking some photos of us!

Sep 29, 2011

diy: collar tips

so i've seen collar tips everywhere lately. i think they look so cool and since i'm a big fan of any kind of metal application, i knew i needed something like it. they sell collar tips at ASOS but i think 12 € for those is a little much... i realized it is really, really easy to do collar tips like that yourself. i just got book corners which are reeeeeally cheap (i paid 0.80 € for four pieces) and just hammered them on the collar tips of this monki jeans shirt. done.


oh wow, so many things happening in vienna right now. very unusual for this town, that normally sleeps most of the time. anyway, after the successful backyard-sale concept there will be a temporary shop in vienna (kirchengasse 18). the amazing thing about BYS is the fact, that they offer second hand but also new designer pieces. check out their facebook page or website for more info and what you definitely have to do is: GO THERE AND CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!


I am so excited for waves festival! 5 days – 12 stages – 80 acts! Finally Vienna has a cool festival to offer, especially in a time where most festivals anywhere else in the country are over. I also love the principle: the gigs take place in vienna's main clubs like the flex, fluc, pratersauna and badeschiff. my highlights are definitely totally enormous extinct dinosaurs and when saints go machine.

the prices are absolutely fair as well, so go and party! hard! more info on their facebook page or website.

Sep 27, 2011


like i promised, here's the give-away you've waited for so long! and it's a really awesome one! because manhattan and i love you so much, we have two goodie bags to give away. they both contain 2 nail polishes, 2 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses and 1 eyeliner. crazy, huh? well wining is easy, so all you have to do is the following:

1. like my facebook page
2. leave a comment with your e-mail address and your name below this post

the winner will be announced october 4th. also make sure to check out manhattan's website and their facebook page with more chances to win stuff.

Sep 26, 2011


last week i was invited to a stitching workshop by ikea. it all took place in one of the appartments, that present a new project called citycom2. there's 43 appartments that are all set up with 3 to 5 equally large rooms. so they're made for sharing! people can meet future room mates over facebook or move in with their friends. all the kitchens in those appartments are by ikea. so with loads of good food (cake pops by café schmid hansl!) and the new fabric designs by beckman's school of design we did some stitching and sewing. luckily the gebrüder stitch and their team were there to help. johanna, my instructor, was really patient (the photos show proof, i am as skilled with sewing as a 5 year old) and helped me create a wonderful detachable collar!
(last 5 photos via ikea press)

Sep 25, 2011

i freakin love this part two

oh wow!i am seriously obsessed with those photos. i keep looking at them over and over. i need a cat and i need sweaters to dress it in.

all photos via HERE. thanks to victoria for sharing the love!