Oct 31, 2011


and again WE BANDITS visited WUK the past 4 days. i've posted so much about them on this blog, but every time their pop up store takes place it's so exciting for me. i love everything about it: the clothes, the people, the food, the music... it's just like a big family moving into a big exhibition room for a couple of days. this time i got myself some great items, two of them are already shown in my previous post... oh, and did i mention the amazing cupcakes?

Oct 29, 2011


trousers & top / WE BANDITS, boots / acne, bag / h&m trend, belt / vintage

happy birthday, dariadaria! on the day it's been a year since i posted my first post on this blog. it all started out with the name "die melange" and has not only changed name, but also the layout many times. starting this blog has been the greatest thing i've ever done. i have met so many great people, was able to attend such great events and have learned a lot. it's my baby, my space for thoughts, art and anything that crosses my life. after a year and hopefully many more to come, i want to thank all of my readers, who support me and leave such lovely comments. you're amazing and i hope i can make you happy with a give-away every once in a while.


Oct 28, 2011


bag / vintage, shoes / acne, leather shorts and knitted sweater / monki, necklace / forever 21

finally some outfit photos. it's been pretty cold outside, that's why wool and leather have pretty much been all i've been wearing. these both wonderful pieces are a courtesy from monki. i still have no clue what shoes and coat to get for the winter, any suggestions? now i'm off to WE BANDITS at Wuk. Come and visit me!


i REALLY needed some change. recently i've been crazy about changes in my life. i feel like i am drowning in work so much, that i have no time for things that really mean the most to me. i might be too radical about changes, but it feels so good to finally DO something and take action. on saturday my blog has its first birthday and i felt like it's time for a new design. still need to do some changes, not so sure about the yellow. tomorrow i'll finally take the time to do some outfit posts. and now i really have to go to bed, i feel like the biggest geek since i just spent 5 hours to change my blog layout. good night. i <3 you.

Oct 27, 2011


after taking a break from seeling things from my closet, I have now updated my store at Kleiderkreisel. To shop some of my things, like these amazing givenchy heels, click here.

Oct 26, 2011

the farm

we actually had a uni class held in this beautiful scenery. hard to believe that it was a pyrotechnics class! i'm not a big horse fan, but those cuties were just so silly and fluffy. i loved them. also they're just so photogenic, with the changing leaves and everything. i have been living in this h&m coat and black leather boots (which you can't see in those photos - just use your imagination!). today's finally a day to relax, national austrian holiday. will go and see a korean production at viennale tonight. peace.

Oct 23, 2011


a while ago vienna didn't really have to offer cool cafés close to the city center. most places are over-priced, touristy and simply suck (way to be articulate and well-spoken here). but finally, there's an amazing place, where even the waiters are nice. they're friendly! (which is very rare in vienna). the motto café is located on a boat on the canal and is part of the motto restaurant, which i haven't been able to visit yet. they have great menus and their brunch is divine! my company was beautiful kira, who got a new hair cut and encouraged me to get a new haircut too (i am thinking minus 10 cm here, guys.)

anyway, sorry for being a lame blogger these days, i am kind of drowning in work. can't wait for a little break, before my first burnout hits me (just kidding, i simply like to complain).

Oct 21, 2011


caution: these photos may cause feeling of incredible hunger and food cravings.

please don't hate me for those photos. i know it's very sadist of me to post all these delicious looking things. i went to neni at sofitel. as a true reader of my blog (which of course, you are) you might remember sofitel from 11festival, which attended. click here for a little memory refresher. neni is locted in the back of the hotel, in a cosy "glass box". this is the second neni restaurant that has opened in vienna, the original one is at naschmarkt. i always loved their food, but didn't like the naschmarkt location. its always super crowded and drafty (yes, i hate drafts! i'm an old, austrian lady.) neni in the second district, in contrast, is sooo quiet and nice. i love it. and the food.... omgomgomgomg. no words needed.

Oct 19, 2011



alright, you guys are getting tired of my "simply put studs on any item in your closet"-diy's. i understand. and i promise this is the last one. but i HAVE to share it, because i saw again how much money stores are asking for a shoe that costs 5 dollars in production. anyway, i really love that re-make of my old converse.

step 1: grab your old, disgusting chucks
 step 2: put studs on them
 step 3: feel awesome because this was really easy and cool your thumb because it will be very, very sore.

Oct 18, 2011


... but slightly too small for me. ordered from modekungen as a 38, but in fact they're a 37.5. they were 70 € and i am giving them away for 35 € (plus 5 € shipping to Austria, 10 € anywhere else). If you'd like to take care of these amazing babies, send me an e-mail.

Oct 17, 2011


finally made it to the backyard store. my company was lovely jana from flutsch-that-was-it who's my new room mate! two blogging girls in one appartment. wow, a dream becoming true. anyway, the backyard store is located in kirchengasse 18, where common people is located. unfortunately all the "good stuff" was already gone, so we didn't make any good buys, but since it's still on until january we might be lucky some other time. still really worth to go and check it out.