Dec 31, 2011

new in!

yay, i'm back!

have i mentioned how much i love sale? got a wonderful burgundy clutch, loose pants and a snake print shirt at zara all together for less than 80 €.

Dec 29, 2011


ooooh, i feel so young, urban and professional. my photo got posted on the NY times street style page! maybe someday i will contribute something more intellectual to that magazine, but for now i am really happy with this :-)

Dec 28, 2011


oh my! what an honor: stylishkids inriot featured me as their inspirational blog of the yeat! i am so excited, there's also a little interview in german on their website, click here.

also congrats to SKIR for making the 6th in FM4's (probably austria's coolest radio station) blog of the year voting! check out the story here.

Dec 27, 2011


wow, three days without internet. call me addicted (yes, i allow you to call me that) but it feels like ages. and its amazing! i am not wearing make-up, i am not worrying about outfit posts, i have gained about 30 kilos and I AM SO HAPPY. i spend the entire day doing NOTHING, except reading and eating. right now i cant imagine anything more beautiful, than listening to angus & julia stone and taking little walks by the beach (which are btw, after three days with NO excercie already really exhausting).

i read the best book ever, "one day" by david nicholls, 540 pages in only 2 days. for a kid like me, that grew up with TV / computer aka ADHD, that really means something. i am still scared of camels, their poop smells terrible and i am SO tan, you won't believe it. naked i look like i am wearing a white bikini. no kidding.

back on friday, many kisses to all of you.

Dec 23, 2011


procrastination should be my first name. this is what i did instead of packing. take a photo of what's in my travel bag. but here's the list of my very favorite travel essentials:

1. carmex (must!)
2. YSL foundation, chanel allure velvet, narciso rodriguez hair mist, dior show mini mascara
3. wallet
4. leather bag (with a zipper! watch pickpockets!)
5. ASOS watch
6. passport (i love different covers)
7. iPhone / iPod
8. a good read
9. ZARA soft scarf (can be used as blanket)
10. water bottle (staying hydrated is my mantra!)

Dec 22, 2011


boots FRIIS & COMPANY ZARIFA BOOTS via / leggings AMERICAN APPAREL / sweater & bag FROM SOUTH KOREA / scarf & coat H&M

these babies finally got to me! they're the perfect pair of heeled ankle boots and that mocca color just makes my heart melt! even though they're pretty high heeled (10,5 cm!) they're really comfortable. i ordered them via, a berlin located streetwear store. first i thought i wasn't enough gangster for the shop, but soon i realized that they have such cool items by friis & company, pieces and many more. i especially love their selection of nice scarfs, like this one by pieces.

well these photos were taken at 7.30 am, that's why i have this little swollen eye thing going on (it's really trendy, i swear!). BBC (bitch before coffee) definitely got a meaning for my photographer (aka the bf) that morning. but hey: my plane leaves at 6am friday morning, so packing has to be done! i'll try my best blogging from egypt, but forgive me if sipping caipirinhas and reading has first priority ;-)

... and because not only me, but also you should get some presents, you can now win a 75 € gift voucher for! simply leave a comment below this post until december 30th. a random number will be picked!

Dec 21, 2011


WOWWOAHWOOOOHIEWHAAAAAAAAMM! look what i got in my mail yesterday. this wonderful diana f+ gold camera by lomography. i've had my fisheye lomo for a while now and i can not wait to take this baby out. there's no better accessory for a blogger, it even has a gold chain on it! almost a chanel bag!

THANK YOU for this wonderful gift.

Dec 20, 2011


there aren't many austrian blogs and there are even fewer from austria's west. but quality is better than quantity and so there's not many but a very good one from that part of the country. afraid of us is a blog by maximilian and sia and quite new in the austrian blogosphere.

what i really like about their blog is not only the design, that really appeals to my sense of aesthetics, but also their really diverse contents, that reach from fashion, to music and contemporary art. there's always something really fresh and new on their blog! here's a little interview, with the masterminds behind afraid of us:

1. Tell me about yourself in 3 words
creative, loving fashion, reclusive

2. What do you love & hate most about blogging?
we love to share our finds with others, to show what we like and also trigger discussions. what we dislike is the fact, that we can't blog and write about everything we like and see. we'd like to share much more with out readers, but since the internet is already so overwhelming, we're trying to keep our posts very simple: the contents are the most important to us.

3. If you'd be an animal, what would you be?

4. What has been the greatest blogging event / experience for you?
the fashion camp this year was a great experience and we're definitely attending again next year. unfortunately we missed the after party, which is absolutely not happening again! apart from that we're in a sad situation in tyrol, there's not many blogger events going on.

5. Which are your favorite blogs?
our favorite blogs are broken cookies, the kinki-mag blog and inattendu. sometimes we read austrian blogs such as split personality.

6. What are you expecting Santa to put under your tree?
cash is king! we're planing a trip to vienna in 2012 and we'll need some cash for that. what always makes us happy: rolls for our lomo-cameras.

If you wanna know more, also check out their facebook fan page.

Dec 19, 2011


how i will spend my night. my doctor prescribed me antibiotics and i feel like a truck ran over me. i'm flying to egypt on friday, so hopefully all will be alright until then! *fingers crossed*

sophie got me this wonderful book about coco chanel, which will be my read over christmas and i've been looking through all those wonderful editorials in winter edition of love mag. i guess all of this makes being sick a little more bearable.


shoes NOWHERE via / leggings AMERICAN APPAREL / top ZARA / coat H&M / scarf DIY

finally a post with the nowhere beauties! they're not really made for walking, but hey: they look amazing. i've been slightly obsessed with that burgundy color lately, even though i always hated the color red on me. i have been into very clean looks lately as well, makes me seem so grown up (not really).

Dec 18, 2011



my weekend in instagram snaps... you can tell: i basically ate all weekend. gaining some kg's for my winter sleep in january!

1. me before heading out
2. wonderfully decorated table at my parents house
3. delicious cookies
4. oooops, our tree fell over.
5. amazing dessert my mum made
7. & 8. crazy awesome lunch my mum made for us
9. my beautiful mother
10. a really cool random snap
11. self-made chocolates my step-sister made
12. my gorgeous sister in law
13. & 14. PANDA PRESENTS!!

Dec 17, 2011


yesterday i went to the pop up mall at hotel am brilliantengrund which was the coolest thing i've seen in ages. a hotel with designers / sellers in every room. it felt like wonderworld! my favorites were the absolutely stunning label yenikolka, angela richters necklaces and of course WE BANDITS. i got a second hand american apparel vinyl legging and an iphone 3G, both for 5 €. Crazy, huh? Thanks to Lieblingsflohmarkt for those bargains! 

Today my head really hurts thanks to Vicky, who REALLY knows how to party! We had so much fun!