Jan 31, 2012



 MASSIVE PICTURE OVERLOOOOOOOAD! sorry guys, this is a little extreme, i know. but after not blogging for three days i have to make up for the lack of photos, right? well we spent an a-m-a-z-i-n-g holiday in paris.  it was freezing like crazy but the sun was shining and we just had the greatest time. i got the hottest pair of studded boots, some cream-colored h&m trend pieces and some bargains like a pair of dark red waxed trousers. tomorrow something really exciting in my life starts, i'll let you know what it is!

ps: ladurée is really not worth the money. sorry.

Jan 27, 2012


hi my loves. sorry for this L-A-M-E post, but i am really busy with packing today. i have an all-day workshop so my packing has to be done suuuuper quick. i decided not to take my SLR with me, instead the diana f mini (which i blogged about here) and the iphone have to do the entire job. i am just not in the mood to be carrying my heavy SLR with me (not that i plan on shopping and coming home with more to carry.... haha). i never take too much stuff with me, a few essentials do it. two day and one night outfit, some nice accessories and i am done.

Jan 26, 2012


you might have seen this blazer and bag on my facebook fan page lately... A LOT. i've found the blazer at h&m and the satchel at zara. apart from the fact that i've decided to buy more eco friendly products (there's a post on fair brands coming soon!), these were purchases i had to make. the blazer just goes perfect with my dark skin and the satchel is the perfect size (it can fit anything i need AND my SLR).

by the way: have you noticed my new layout? i needed something clean but not as clean as my previous one. too much black makes me sad. boo-hoo!

Jan 25, 2012


you might have noticed one thing:

like love

and as someone who loves food you need to have friends who love food as much, so you can have tons of food-related dates. my best friends family owns a chocolate factory, my brother orders sweets for over 100 € online every christmas and my blogger friend anna (h.anna) creates the most amazing vegetable delights. after inviting her and the bf over to our place for brunch a week ago, they returned our invitation the past weekend. on sunday we went to anna's picturesque appartment and ate for hours. 

here are some impression and YES you have the right to drool all over your keyboard!

Jan 24, 2012


thanks to my reader lien i noticed that i was featured in teen vogue online yesterday... again! it was already a huge honor for me the first time and even more the second. i could really get used to that on a regular basis! haha.

the comments on teen vogue's facebook page varied very much, from super nice to almost "i hate you and your red tights. go away." to build your own opinion, go on teen vogue and check out the photo!

Jan 23, 2012


wow, i am slightly becoming a beauty-blogger with all thse beauty posts lately. a look in my bathroom absolutely proofs that. anyway, today the postman brought me a glossybox for the first time. if you're not familiar with glossyboy, check out their website here. i unwrapped it and found some real treasures:

- KÉRASTASE Elixir Ultime
-KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Moisturizer
- CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara
- STYS NATURCOSMETIC Mandarine Body Lotion

i am most excited about the kiehl's moisturizer, since kiehl's is my top brand when it comes to body care. btw: i have already used my la prairie goodie, can you notice how young i look? almost like 22, right? oh wait... i am 22. ooops.

Jan 22, 2012


this week i went to see notorious mag in their amazing work space to pick up the price i won during their christmas give-away. it's la prairie's "cellular power infusion" that's standing in my bathroom now. it's worth about 500 $ so i am kind of tiptoeing around it, waiting for a special moment to use for the first time. i think when i'll use it i will turn into a topmodel and never die, right? 

thanks to the beautiful people from notorious mag for this amazing price!

Jan 21, 2012




same old and new instagram shots from the past weeks.

 1. & 2. my new favorite blazer, got it in black and beige
 3. jewellery essentials for traveling
4. my new hair cut!
5. & 6. me during the winter holidays and trying on my new orange coat
7. & 8. brunch at my place with h.anna and the amazing apple tarte she made
9. & 10. cute lilly, the most amazing dog ever, who was also a guest at my brunch