Mar 31, 2012

TedX x Facehunter

trousers ZARA / shoes H&M x MARNI / blazer, glasses and blouse H&M TREND / necklace F21 / bag YSL

i've already mentioned: this week has been CRAZY. i've worked so much and had events going on every night. i didn't sleep much but i haven't felt that alive in a long time. on wednesday we had an amazing event by kérastase and helena rubinstein, which i will tell you about later. after i went to the TEDx fashion salon at the ring hotel. yvan rodic, the face hunter, took a photo of me and i can't wait to see it. but also maria from stylekingdom was so kind to take some shots of my outfit that day. thaaaaanks!

Mar 30, 2012

the black dress

almost exactly a year ago i posted here about this wonderful black dress from COS. i love looking at my old blog posts and see how everything has changed. i start reminicing about the past and how each year life challenges you with new things. without wanting to be too cheesy here, i can really say that last year this time a lot has changed and so it is now. maybe for good, maybe for bad. i don't know, but sometimes in life good things have to go and make space for better things to come.

Mar 29, 2012

vienna awards 2012

photo stolen by vicky
sonja from fashiontweed

as you can tell this week has been crazy busy for me. but it all started with a wonderful evening at the vienna awards...


two weeks ago l'oréal invited a few journalists and bloggers to a very special event. at the l'oréal academy in vienna, two new products by kérastase and helena rubinstein were introduced. but not in a boring, regular way! we got a suuuuper fine facial and hair treatment accompanied by 12munchies food.

helena rubinstein introduced hydra collagenist and their prodigy powercell eye urgency SOS patches to us. it was so nice to just sit back, relax and let the crazy science behing those products do their work. honestly: i felt like a BABY after. after getting our hair done we also got a professional make-up by helena rubinsteins make-up artists.

then kérastase showed us their brand new series cristalliste. the line is perfect for hair like mine: long and thick. the products are simply amazing. there's two shampoos (one for thin, one for thick hair), a conditioner and a serum, which beats it all. it's the best serum i've ever used - it really makes your hair look like a diamond. it's not as thick as other serums and really smooth, easy to use.

thank you so much for this great afternoon!

 i currently work as an intern for L’Oréal , but as always the thoughts on this blog are purely my personal opinion.

Mar 28, 2012


trousers ZARA / shirt H&M (both very old)

felt like all white today. i think i'd make a good doctor. at least outfit-wise.

Mar 27, 2012



i can NOT believe i will actually meet the FACEHUNTER tomorrow. i have been looking forward to this event in a long VERY LONG time. what am i going to wear? jeeeeeeez.

Mar 26, 2012

starting the week off with some songs that have really helped me through the past days. have i mentioned how much i love the harmonica? it's sound always makes everything feel better.

Mar 25, 2012


you know what makes the cool kids on the block the cool kids? THEIR KICKS. (yeah right, i got my gangster dictionary out.) ok, i am going to stop acting like i'm a gangster right now. all i want to say is: i LOVE these shoes. and i feel soooo cool in them. when i am late for work and about to miss the tram, i am like "whatevs, i am gonna do a little morning-sprint and catch that train... dogg." speaking of dogs: have you noticed this pretty dog gentleman? his name is balu and he's planing on getting his own blog and do outfit posts every day. yesterday his lovely owner, my beautiful friend julie, decided to do some partner look action and put him on a nice blue scarf. thanks to her i have these beautiful photos of lovely balu and me.

i am reeeeeally thinking of getting another pair of new balance shoes. never wanna take them off again. i got this pair at zalando (who, btw, now also have a swiss website) and they have so many more... i am thinking maybe the light gray ones? which ones would you pick?

shoes NEW BALANCE via ZALANDO / trousers & jacket ZARA

Mar 24, 2012


trousers & shirt ZARA / blazer H&M / necklace F21

after being sick in bed for a week now i really felt like dressing up a little. i really can't remember the last time i've been that sick and i hope spring will keep me healthy and fit. today i will pick up my dress for the vienna awards and prepare a little post for you guys!

Mar 23, 2012


remember when i told you in this post about the vienna awards? a few weeks ago the invitation got to me and i was so stunned about how big this event will be. a red carpet, lots of celebrities and designers. lucky me, district 1 at steffl department store offered me to pick a dress for the big gala. surprise, surprise, i picked a dress by diesel black gold! it's black and pretty simple (yeah i am such an adventurous person, right?).

please cross your fingers that nothing embarassing will happen to me, like stumbling over the red carpet... but as the clumsy person i am i am pretty sure something like this will happen. if it does, i'll make sure to share the video with you! :-)

Mar 22, 2012



oooooh essie! i have been in love with essie nail polishes ever since i studied abroad in the US and i was able to buy them at target. i have really missed essie in austria and also the fact that there aren't any "real" nail polishes available in regular drug stores. but finally essie is coming to austria! as a start-off i received this wonderful essie box holding 8 shades, representing the entire collection. my favorites are watermelon, lilacism, chinchilly and lapiz of luxury.

the essie collection will consist of 70 different shades and be available at BIPA and some DM stores starting in may.

what are your favorite essie colors?

this product was sent to me for consideration to review. i currently work as an intern for L’Oréal , but as always the thoughts on this blog are purely my personal opinion.

Mar 20, 2012


just a quick post from my outfit last friday. i am sick in bed, my head feels like it's exploding so no serious blogging for me today. can you tell these shoes are brandnew? got them from zalando, i'll let you know more about it by the end of this week. but let me tell you one thing so far: i never want to take those sneakers off again!

by the way: picked the give-away winner! congrats, julia! check your mail :-)

thanks everyone for participating, there will be a new give-away soon!

Mar 19, 2012


 trousers, shirt and blazer H&M TREND / shoes ZARA

apart from looking like an animal, i love looking like a huge baby. that's why i love nude and rose shades. outfits like this make me feel so comfy and boo-boo-baby-like (does anyone of you understand what i am trying to say here? it's a little hard to explain). diapers would go perfectly with this outfit (insert awkward moment of silence)..... aaaaanyway. this blazer from h&m trend is probably my favorite spring item. unfortunately the trousers had to go back to the store, since the silk was badly sewed and i had holes in the fabric after wearing them only once :-( it really hurts, returning a piece you love, love, love (that's what you call fashion love story i guess).

Mar 18, 2012

hydra life


i might be obsessing over dior's summer 2012 looks too much, but this whole natural glow and nude look thing really got me! i used to use way too much mascara, way too much eyeshadow. i recently started using a lot less make-up and going for a natural, sun kissed look. and let me tell you one thing: dior's hydra life bb cream is THE product if you wanna go for a look like that. seriously: i have never found a product that meets my needs as much as this one does. the other product that i've been obsessing over (and using it waaaay too often) is the new dior addict lipstick. i have pretty plump lips, so i am not a big fan of sticky lip gloss. the lipstick has a great texture and i would have never ever thought that an orange colored lipstick would look as smooth and natural on my lips as this one does. 

my daily make-up routine has now become perfect: a serum first, the hydra life bb cream on top, a little blush, a hint of mascara and an essence of color on my lips. so easy and so natural!