May 31, 2012

Evoque NextGen Award 2012

trousers, necklace, coat H&M TREND / shoes UO / muff VINTAGE

my outfit for the evoque nextgen awards yesterday. the amazing label GON won the price and i totally agree with the jury's decision. dreamful prints, make you wanna jump in those pieces and wear them forever. thanks to maria for the photos.

May 30, 2012


pure gold for your hair? this stuff. redken all soft shampoo, conditioner and oil. makes my hair feel like a fluffy, soft baby kitten. obsession - big time.

Win Tickets: INDIE Magazine INSANITY PARTY

this saturday. it's gonne be... well insane i guess.

OTTO SCHINDL (Heartbreaker, ATV "Das Geschäft mit der Liebe")
... & many more

Free Absolut Vodka Shots until midnight, tons of free copies of INDIE and material girl and much more welcome goodies to make you prooozac-happy. / /

leave an insane comment until thursday and win 2 tickets for the party.

May 29, 2012


chunky knits, sparkly glitter and clean cuts. h&m's fall winter '12 collection does have some pieces that i desperately need in my wardrob. the dark blue coat (photo 1) and bra top (photo 2) are just a few of them.

May 28, 2012


shorts + shirt + necklace H&M TREND / belt ZARA

i do NOT miss my long hair like it was in those photos.. but i WAS missing some mint denim cut offs.

by the way: the winners of my joico / glossybox give-away were picked by the random generator! congrats to nissy, urszula, anne and mark! check your mail!

May 27, 2012

Personal shopping

how would you feel about going shopping with me for an afternoon? have me as your personal shopping coach (not that i give good advices, but i do know how to have fun!)

vienna fashion night, a big late night shopping event taking place in vienna on june 14th, is giving away an afternoon of shopping advice with me. check out their website and follow the instructions!

good luck!

May 26, 2012


thanks to sonja i found the perfect onepiece.

May 25, 2012

dior addict

the name says it all: dior addict eau sensuelle. reminds me of a rendez-vouz on the beach in st. tropez. already addicted. thanks dior


that's what's happening! on june 2nd i will be selling my shit at the backyard sale in vienna. come - buy my stuff - have a drink with me - be happy.

May 24, 2012


a lovely evening at the destilat showroom with vicky. great wine, cold cucumber soup, roastbeef with sprouts, amazing curry... all prepared by una abraham on the brand new camouflage kitchen. she's a godess, i swear (both una and the kitchen, of course.)

May 23, 2012


for the past years i have been trying to do my blog design in many hours of pain. i learned some programing and tried to give the blog a look that i felt it deserved. but it never ended up looking like i actually wanted it to.

i have been following blog milk for a while now. it's a blog known for it's clean, but yet colorful designs, lovely picked photos and graphics. when they offered me a template from their shop it felt like finally i was visiting a shop were all the clothes just fit perfectly. from all the amazing themes i picked "nordic" - a template that feels and looks just right. clean but feminine. the procedure is extremely easy and even though i still have to make some changes, i am very happy about the new layout now. like i said: feels like putting on a pair of shoes that fit just right.

all their themes are fully customized, their support service is so reliable (i was NOT an easy customer) and the prices are more than fair. visit for more info.


interview with myself:

where were these pictures taken? milan.
when were you there? 3 days last week.
what did you do there? i went there for a special project, it's still a secret but i will tell you about it!
how was your time there? crazy amazing.

the end.

ps: yesterday i almost freaked out about my hair to i took some scissors and cut 10 cm off. i really like them a lot more now!

May 20, 2012


as i anounced on facebook, i planned a big give-away for my 1600 fans mark!

since so many people have asked me about hair products i use, i recently came across a company called joico, who are part of the shiseido group and have truely amazing products. they also were part of the last glossybox, which i posted about here.

thanks to glossybox and joico i am in the fortunate position to now give four sets of their K-PAK hair care to my readers!

K-PAK is part of joico's hair-repair series, which helps damaged hair to restore again. there is one set for damaged and one set for colored hair. they both contain a shampoo, conditioner and styling oil. four people will be the lucky winners and get one joico set! you can also check out their austrian webshop here for more of their amazing products.

in order to win, just leave a comment with your name  + e-mail address below. anyone within europe can participate and the winners will be chosen randomly.

 please note that i will forward your address to the company for shipping but your information won't be used for any other purpose and treated with respect. there is no cash alternative to the give-away and i keep the right to disqualify anyone who is trying to cheat or use illegal methods in order to win.

May 17, 2012


shoes NEW BALANCE (via ZALANDO) / trousers ZARA / shirt and necklace H&M TREND / bag EBAY

thanks to michi for the photos

May 16, 2012



some pics from the last time i went to milano over a year ago. today i am going back for a few days and i can tell you: for a VERY exciting reason. i will tell you more when i get back, but here's one hint: it has something to do with fashion photography.

May 15, 2012


this picture haunts me in my dreams. not in a bad way though. it's perfection to me. i am so amazed by every single inch of that photo.

May 14, 2012


after testing i really got into the whole trying-to-cook thing again. i always have those phases where i am giving cooking another try but after some days i am resigning again. but i do still try easy and healthy meals just for the sake of it!

a few days ago, still sick at home, i decided to put three of my favorite things together in one dish: salmon, aspargus and chickpeas. it turned out to be the easiest thing where even someone like me couldn't do anything wrong. here it goes:

1. soak the dried chickpeas over night
2. next day: cook them in water on lowest heat for 1h
3. steam the salmon
4. boil the aspargus
5. heat olive oil with garlic
6. add the cooked aspargus and steamed salmon
7. cut tomatoes and add them to the chickpeas
8. put salt, lemon, whatever herbs you like on everything

tastes amazing, looks amazing and the best part: it's good for you.

(yes, you can call me an amazing cook! for now.)

May 13, 2012

S. Oliver Real Star

 katharina and our host from soliver
myself and  leni

this weekend soliver invited us to beautiful salzburg to celebrat their "real star event". it's an event for all soliver employees to celebrate them as the real stars of the company. what a cute idea!

we arrived at the hotel and got ready for the gala which had a 50ies theme to it. to be honest: i had NO clue what to wear. i am generally not really dress-up-theme-party person so the decision was kind of hard for me. i ended up looking slightly like a prostitute but that's okay.