Jul 31, 2012


shoes TOPSHOP / trousers & sweater H&M / vest F21 / bag COS / necklace UO

my obsession for ankle boots could already be called a fetish i guess. i've been wearing this pair day and night (okay that's a lie) and they're really amazing. not in the "i swear these 16 cm stiletto heels are super comfortable"-girl way. TRUE comfortableness (yes, i made that word up).

photos by victorypug

Jul 30, 2012


my life lately captured on several films. this is obviously just the censored version. i have very beautiful friends and i love them.

Jul 29, 2012


via COS

got those wedge sandals and nylon bag in berlin. been obsessing over them ever since. there's nothing better than heels that don't feel like heels and bags that store half of your life.

Jul 28, 2012


shoes NIKE FREE (VIA ZAPATERIA) / leggings, shirt & hat H&M / jacket ZARA

mint, studs and sneakers are ALWAYS a good pair-up. i have been wanting new nike free trainers for such a long time, they're the perfect shoe to me. finally found them and haven't taken them off since then.

Jul 27, 2012



2000 fans on my facebook page. i still can't believe that this blog has grown so much and with it i have grown so much. it is a huge honor that i have actually reached that many fans on facebook and to me part of being successful is giving back something to the people who contributed the most: the readers. either if it's a click, a comment or meeting someone in real life: you have made this blog successful and i want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

even if i can't give something back to every single one of you, this give-away will have four lucky winners. a big THANK YOU to the companies who have sponsored these prices for my lovely readers.

How to win:

  • leave a comment with your name & email address until august 5th
  • let me know which price (1,2,3,4) you'd like to win
  • make sure you're a fan of my facebook page
  • don't cheat (no double comments etc.)


Jul 26, 2012


by far the most beautiful collection dior has sent out so far. the colors are just FREAKING AMAZING. my favs are the nail polishes: vernis or is a metallic gold polish, that looks so damn glamorous - no special outfit needed. but then: THE CROCO TOP COAT. mindblowing. makes every nail polish into a jungle safari experience. both the lipstick and the eyeshadow are kept in a really nude feel, which i definitely what i love going for when it comes to make-up (i am not really the "i'd love to spent one hour in front of the mirror to get ready"- type). golden jungle is like being the fanciest kid in the forrest. i feel cooler than indiana jones.

Jul 25, 2012


vest F21 / dress GINA TRICOT

super cheap fake leather vest and an even cheaper dress. that's just how i roll, man.

Jul 24, 2012


 the new glossybox arrived a few days ago. poor mailman rang me out of bed at 7 am and had to see me zombie-like. i think the picture will haunt him in his dreams.

anyway, there box in general is really good, a lot better than the last one. this time it's called "the sixx edition", i had no clue what that actually ment. google let me know that "sixx" was a new tv station in austria, but since i don't own a tv i guess this isn't really big news to me (yeah right, i don't own a tv, i only read intellectual books all day!). i don't think the box design looks nice at all, the color and the font kind of hurt my eyes.

my favs this time were figs & rouge body / lip balm and clinique's all about eyes. the other products were eucerin sun fluid, gosh beyond real length mascara and l'occitane hand creamclick here to get your very own glossybox.

Jul 23, 2012


leggings WE BANDITS / shirt H&M TREND / leather jacket MANGO / bag VINTAGE

a pretty boring outfit, no jewellery or lalala. really comfortable for any occasion, those patterned leggings just do their job in BEING the outfit.

Jul 22, 2012


one thing that makes me sad about the fashion world is the lack of innovation. there's barely any designers out there that come up with new ideas. that's why I was quite impressed when I heard about george bezhanishvili's project "reasonable luxury". george studied in my hometown vienna at the university of applied arts and is now based in new york. i saw one of his shows last year at the austria fashion awards last year and it left quite a memory.

george now came up with a u fundraising project for his ss 2013 collection. his goal is to produce the upcoming collection entirely in US, giving fashion jobs to over 14 individuals, presenting the collection at the new york fashion week and what’s most important: make it reasonably priced. he specially designed rewards, so within helping him with the project you will be able to obtain original GB accessoires and artworks.

it's really easy: go to this website and donate as much as you want. there's nothing that's not good about this project. really.

Jul 20, 2012


maxi skirt TOPSHOP / top WEEKDAY / armcuff UO

what i wear when it's damn hot outside. cotton, cotton, cotton.

do not forget to stop by at MQ tomorrow. me and some other bloggers will sell our old stuff. takes place indoors at MQ from 11 until 6. check out facebook for more info

Jul 19, 2012


i've really been trying not to photo overload my blog with posts from fashion week in berlin. but as you might have noticed from my need for a vacation after berlin, i went to too many shows there (yeah, first world problems - I KNOW). but next year i'll definitely do more outsourcing and only pick things i really wanna see.

two of the shows that i really enjoyed were by austrian designers eva poleschinski and andy wolf with superated. i have been saving for a pair of andy wolf shades forever, i think she's my favorite designer and i just love how she puts her designs in focus (they did an amazing film called "the rosenthal legacy" which is just superb).

anyway, both shows took place in the "studio" which is the alternative to the runway. eva poleschinskis show was just incredibly well staged. the light, the sounds, the dramaturgy - absolutely stunning. andy wolf / superated was quite different but also absolutely genius. a commonplace living room scene, models eating bananas and playing chess. how beautiful can banality be?

Jul 18, 2012


dress, socks & bag COS / shoes ASOS / coat FROM KOREA / necklace F21

another outfit from fashion week. really not the most flattering outfit if you're only 160 cm tall. but my obsession with layers has become really drastic. also my wardrobe has expanded to 80% black which is a very, very good thing. still clearing out my wardrobe for MQ flea market this saturday. i can not bring it all to milan with me.

Jul 17, 2012


two labels - one presentation. mongrels in common & liebig decided to show their ss13 collections in one show. it all took place in a berlin courtyard, unofrtunately interrupted by some rain. i fell in love with that that white coat from the first photo, but also really loved their models and the wonderful styling.