Aug 30, 2012


as you might have read here and here i am moving to milan for good! now i am here for a week looking for a place to live (which is NOT EASY in this town). just a few snaps from my trip, now i have to run and explore my new home town.

Aug 29, 2012


after promising this for AGES i now managed to put this super huge post online. so many people have asked for a) a video and b) my beauty routine. i do put on make-up everyday but it never takes me more than 10 minutes, since i never do anything fancy. i love a natural, but "glowy" look. so here's what i do in fastforward (don't laugh on how i use an eyeliner. i am retarded.)

and here's all the products i own and love. if i am attached to a brand once i never let go!

first i am OBSESSED with la roche-posay. i have mixed skin that tends to be blemished and really bad... when i started with the "effaclar" line it all changed! i even started using their toleriane make-up, which does miracles to my skin. then i always use sunscreen before applying make-up (in the summer). i love the mattifying sunscreen from vichy!

cleaning my skin i have started loving kiehl's, because it's the best when it comes to price-performance and clinique because their even better eye series blows my mind.

dior's make-up is my favorite when it comes to simple glam. their new diorskin nude line really is the best make-up i have ever had.

last but not least when it comes to eyes i think that the more affordable brand like l'oréal paris or maybelline work everytime! don't get me wrong: i do have very fancy mascaras and i do love them, but i think the little cheaper ones also do a really great job.

i really am no pro, but i hope this helps a little! i'll prepare a hair tutorial as well, but now i have to go pack because I AM GOING TO MILAN TOMORROW.

Kéraskin / Kiehl's / La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay / Kiehl's
Estée Lauder / La Prairie
La Roche-Posay / SkinCeuticals / Vichy
Clinique / Dior
Kéraskin / La Roche-Posay
Clinique / La-Prairie / Clinique
La Roche-Posay / Figs & Rouge
La Roche-Posay / Yves Saint Laurent / Dior
Dior / Clinique / La Roche-Posay
Maybelline Jade / Clinique / Yves Saint Laurent
MAC / Dior / Maybelline Jade
Maybelline Jade / Clinique / Dior / Chanel / L'Oréal Paris / Manhattan
Manhattan / Essie / Dior
L'Oréal Paris / Yves Saint Laurent / Dior / Sephora
Laneige / Clinique / Yves Saint Laurent / Maybelline Jade

Aug 28, 2012


boots ZIGN VIA ZALANDO / dress ZARA / bag COS / hat H&M

in a little bit very soon there will be a brand new feature of me on a website you all know. this is one of the outfits that's gonna be one it. making it all really mysterious and letting you know very soon. also i look like batman in this dress, NANANANANANANANNANANANAA!

photos by victoria

Aug 27, 2012


part of my weekly routine is going to the grocery store every monday. i try to buy things for the week and even though i spend so little time at home, i try to prepare meals myself. as much as i love eating out and realized that i just don't have the gift of being a good cook, preparing own meals is so much better. i like knowing what's inside the meal and where the ingredients come from. also there's nothing better than the feeling to be full after eating something GOOD. of course junk food can be comforting food sometimes, but inever feel GOOD after eating it.

i don't eat a lot of meat, especially after i read this book, i went vegetarian for a while. i was raised having loads and loads of fruit at my house and i am sure that's the reason why i was barely ever sick as a child. also i have a slight lactose intolerance, so the foods i eat are pretty limited. of course there's always exceptions to the rules and i would never limit myself to anything if i was craving it.

those are the things i try to always have at home:

- dried tomatoes
- chickpeas
- frozen salmon
- fresh veggies: avocado, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, seasonal vegetables
- fresh fruit: bananas, berries, apples, raisins, seasonal fruit
- fresh ginger
- deep frozen fruit (mainly for smoothies)
- nuts
- any kind of grain: couscous, bulgur, quinoa
- home made pesto

my absolutely favorite food blog is 101 cook books but i also enjoy Green Kitchen StoriesFoodistenVegan Guerillaherbivoracious, manifest vegan and of course  anna's food posts

i recently stumbled across the book "i love real food" which has great recipes without sugar and only simple, natural ingredients. this recipe is actully really similar to the one i did here.

here's also a litte note on soy, which i used to eat a lot. soy production has become a major force in the destruction of the rainforest, mainly in south america. on 77 % of the culticated land used for growing soy uses genetically modified seeds. also there are no long-term studies on the positive effects of soy concerning cancer risks and so on.

Aug 26, 2012


as you might have read in this lovely feature i will be part of the speakers at fashion camp. i went as a guest last year and i have to say it's one of the coolest blogger-related events i've ever been. i love the location, meeting all those new people and the super interesting sessions. today's the last day to sign up, so be quick!

Aug 25, 2012


what makes a girls heart jump? cupcakes and loads of beauty products! the other day clinique invited to a super girlie cupcake press lunch at cupcakes vienna. i have been using clinique for a while now and it was the perfect chance to get to know the people behind the brand. linda, the head of pr, showed us all the new products for the fall and then sent us off to a cupcake baking session. my cupcakes looked like poop but they tasted delicious!

anyway, my highlights will be the even better eyes dark circle corrector and the age defense bb cream. i have tested both and i am absolutely stunned by the results. i love the fact that they launched a bb cream with SPF 30! it makes the perfect make-up base. but more about all that in my make-up tutorial that will follow soon here...

Aug 24, 2012


with their home in new york, folding legs was founded in 2009 by katharina from sweden, christopher from austria and gregory from the US. their music is loaded with an incredible energy that's driven by their love to art, colorful live performances and of course music. katharina does beautiful art pieces for the band and has, along with greg, experience in experimental theatre. they're currently promo-touring their debutalbum "to make a long story short", which was produced in cooperation with craig roseberry, who's been working as a consultant for artists like yoko ono and vanessa daou. their tunes touch my hear, as cheesy as it sounds. there's so much passion and love behind what they're doing, which is strongly reflected in their tunes.

folding legs will perform in vienna on august 29th at chelsea. i will be there, hope you too!

Aug 23, 2012


couldn't decide on which ones to get for a long time. both of these beauties from zalando haunt me in my dreams. finally ordered one pair yesterday... which one do you think it is?

Aug 22, 2012


some shots i took of wonderful jakob last week. my job yesterday went well, even though i was still super nervous shooting my first real campaign. still keeping my fingers crossed that the result will be satisfying.

model jakob vegh
photography dariadaria
styling & clothes maximilian rittler

Aug 21, 2012


the random generator picked vera as the winner of the zalando give-away! congrats! if you wanna know who won the 2000 fan give-away head over to my facebook page.

now i have to run, i have my first proper commercial job as a photographer today. i'm absolutely nervous. wish me luck!