Sep 30, 2012


remember when i told you about getting a second pair of nike free's in this post? well the solution is ON. i went for the simple charcoal pair. got them via zalando before i moved to milano and they've been, just like my other pair, by my side every day. i know the brick wall photo posing is so mega-lame, but i still have to find good spots for outfit posts. anyway, back to the shoes: if you want to invest in a comfy but yet stylish shoe, go for this one!

shoes NIKE VIA ZALANDO / shirt, jacket & necklace ZARA / bag EBAY

Sep 29, 2012


all from oysho

... i love to dress up comfy x 10000. oysho is my favorite store for comfy homewear like soft cotton dresses, woolen tights or cute slippers. i think time at home should be worshipped and celebrated, that's my way of doing it.

Sep 28, 2012


shoes & clutch ZARA / skirt VINTAGE / top H&M TREND

you know me: i barely ever dress up. i like comfy clothes and not those that need to be adjusted constantly. well this is an outfit that still needs to be adjusted all the time (skirt moving up, shirt not fitting the way it should, heels hurt, lalalala) but the fact that bordeaux and black look so damn sexy makes up for all the "maintenance work".

Sep 27, 2012


after showing you here what beauty products i like to use, i now thought of showing you how i like to organize it. moving to italy has been crazy because i really am not the best at organizing. i've been craving the muji acrylic cases since seeing it on vicky's blog. they incarnate THE perfect storage tool for me. there's so many different sizes and shapes, i could go crazy in their stores. well how lucky am i, that there's a muji store in milano?

Sep 26, 2012


shorts H&M/ knitted sweater & boots ZARA / necklace COS

during fall i love to team up shorts with knitted sweaters. of course i'd wear it with tights outside, but i just love the fact that it's cosy and still not the usual "cosy pyjama look" i normally go for.

Sep 25, 2012


on one of my last days in rainy vienna, i was invited to the y-3 opening at emis. emis is a fashion gallery in vienna, that's definitely worth visiting when you're in town. they carry a few of my favorite designers like comme des garcons or issey miyake just to name a few. i really love their gallery, because it's exactly what i appreciate in style: clean concept, clean fashion, simple but extraordinary pieces and bold colors. now with implementing Y-3 to their gallery it's like completing their lovely family of designers!

also shot all of those photos with my the sony cyber-shot DSC-RX100, that i got for testing.

Sep 24, 2012


sweater and necklace COS / trousers H&M / shoes MANGO
cheap monday party
voila, my terrible video skills!

even though i didn't wan't to see any shows at fashion week, i ended up going to bally's showroom and dsquared's show. i have to frankly tell you: most people in the fashion world really aren't what i like to be around. that's why, after experiencing so many fashion shows already, i've decided to skip most of them in the future. bally's presentation was very simple, but convincing. maybe i like the brand so much because of my mother, who loves their shoes and bags. i think they just stay true to what they are. dsquared had a crazy cool scenery, their collection was set into a pretty cool show. their pieces are probably the opposite of what i appreciate in good fashion, but hey: i don't have to like everything! 

now i need to get some sleep, answer some e-mails and relax, relax, relax - my past days have cost me so much energy (in a positive way!). have a great start of the week.

Sep 22, 2012


leggings and necklace H&M / shirt and glasses ZARA / cardigan PROMOD / hat BERSHKA

the very first outfit post from milan. the past days have been so busy, organizing stuff and being out with friends. still haven't realized this is my new home, slowly but steady it's becoming reality though.

Sep 21, 2012


ever heard of etnia barcelona? these crazy folks create some real bad ass shades! they just launched a collection for bershka which absolutely rocks. the brand has been around for ten years and it has now grown to an eyewear brand, that offers a wide range of colors and shapes to fit everyone. their designs are definitely unique and i love their different campaigns for each collection (and their videos, i posted one below!).

anyway, they launched their "sonar frames" which are a 1500 piece limited edition collection, which were manufactured by carl zeiss vision with 7mm sandwhich frames and made up of a 2mm layer of white acetate and 3mm fluorescent fuchsia (making sure i sound really professional using all that technical data, just picture me with a beard and glasses....)

so! one pair will be given to you! just leave a comment with name and e-mail address until next week and maybe you'll randomly be chosen. also check out etnia's facebook page, which has so many lovely albums that i loved scrolling through. good luck!

Sep 20, 2012


with andrea rosso, creative director of 55DSL and the two actors

first night in milan: crazyness. like i told you here, 55DSL flew me into town to be guest at the premiere of "beyond mountains, more mountains". the movie was directed by the trio "canada" from barcelona, who are absolutely genius. we saw the movie at piccolo teatro di milano as part of the milano film festival. canada created a short movie about a girl and a guy, conquering the world and looking for something. i won't tell you what it is because you need to watch it yourself.

anyway, after the screening, i got to know the whole PR / marketing / creative team of 55DSL at a cosy sit down dinner. let me tell you one thing: i have NEVER in the fashion world met such funny, down-to-earth, easy-going and wonderful people as the team behind 55DSL. i had so much fun and felt like sitting with a group of friends i've known forever. with a super-huge belly i made my way to the after-party at spazio concept, were we had some drinks and a little out of control dance-party.

my first night in my new hometown milan has been wonderful, exciting and so much fun. thanks to 55DSL for making it all possible.