Nov 30, 2012


shirt & trousers H&M / blazer MANGO / beanie + watch AMERICAN APPAREL / ring + necklace SUBDUED 

KIDDOS. today i am flying back to vienna for a week! my exams yesterday wen't alright and now i am ready for a week of family, friends, food and fun (wow, how i am becoming so creative with all those "f"-words.)

Nov 29, 2012


lately i've been getting quite a few hater comments. as you know i don't publish offending comments, but i have published comments on a few topics lately since they had a true reason (some of them pretty offending and off topic, some of them more diplomatic). one: me buying a boy london jumper. two: me saying i wanted to shop more aware.

here's what i have to say: i KNOW that the boy london jumper has a flipped imperial eagle on it. that does NOT make me a anti-semite. this label originated in the punk era, boy london's first designs included silk-screen prints of a hitler portrait or the swastika. their idea was to provocate and remind people of history. i do not agree that banning symbols means forgetting what has happened. you can not delete history just because you are banning it's symbols or stop talking about it. this symbol has been around long before the cruelties of national socialism (it originated from greek mythology) and to me true political correctness doesn't mean not wearing a sweater with an eagle on it but to practice it in life every day with my ACTIONS to OTHERS.

second: i am a blogger and fashion photographer. i work in fashion. i will never be a 100% conscious consumer. the camera i work with was produced in taiwan, the computer i blog with in india. just because i am saying, that i am trying to live more aware, it doesn't mean that i am going to live like a saint, because i simply can't. i am still going to buy electronics, that have been produced under horrible circumstances and i am probably more often buy clothes that have had the same history. but i am AWARE of this and i am TRYING what i can. moreover i am talking about it on this blog. to me it's not "chic" to live conscious, i have studied ethnology and political sciences a few years back out of my OWN desire to change the world. i have been to sudan with the age of 13, traveled in asia for four months with the age of 21. to me there's no "chic" about the things i have witnessed. rather then doing 0% i am okay with doing 50%. calling this "pseudo social responsibility statements" is just bitter and useless. if every person on this planet would do the 50%, we'd be in a much better place right now. 

i thank everyone on their input to these topics, i am sorry if i have hurt anyones feelings. but taking every word i say with a pinch of salt is not only unfair, since you are hiding behind the "anonymous" (and i am the one showing my face) but also just bitter. i would NEVER waste my time on going through people's blogs and calling them "hipster" or leaving mean comments. i have no desire to insult or hate.this blog is not a place of war, it's a place of my own peace. i'll hope you haters find that peace for yourselves someday, it will change your life.


shoes ASOS / skirt & socks WE BANDITS / jumper & necklace COS /earrings H&M

do you remember about my stylight weekend? well we had a photoshoot that i will tell you more about very soon. meanwhile a shot isabella took of my in one of the hidden backrooms. oh wow i wish my room looked like that.

Nov 28, 2012


... how i am craving all of these. would even give up chocolate for it. but good news: these adorable ankle boots from zalando are on their way to me. it's only gonna be my 14th pair of ankle boots.

bracelet NELLY
jeans ACNE
watch COACH
beanie WOOD WOOD

Nov 27, 2012


skirt MONKI / jumper EBAY / hat & watch AMERICAN APPAREL

even though MY team are still they indiana pacers, this jumper had to "come to daddy" (okay i'm a girl, whatevs). perfect for humid, cold milan winter days.

Nov 26, 2012


well, this is kind of huge. h&m is launching a new brand called "& other stories". the first shops are supposed to launch in the spring of 2013 and in the video below you can already see some of the shoes they will be selling. the brand name represents their aim: create a wide range of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories etc. to maintain your own style and create your own story. 

i am pretty excited about this, even though one of my aims for 2013 is to shop more aware. companies like h&m produce in horrifying conditions in china, bangladesh any many other countries where the minimum loan that companies like h&m pay the factory workers is incredibly low and insufficient in order to survive.

Nov 25, 2012


oh lord

visit kalinka.vintage

Nov 24, 2012


hat EBAY / sweater ZARA / trousers OYSHO / watch AMERICAN APPAREL / necklace SUBDUED

as mentioned in this post i finally gave in and got this hat that i've been craving for so long. it was a super cheap ebay bargain so my empty student wallet didn't have to suffer too much (yes, in milan i am poor as f*%$). 

Nov 23, 2012


skirt & top TOPSHOP
bomber jacker T BY ALEXANDER WANG

you might have noticed that i've been inspired by street style lately. i did a research for school and went through so many books, many of them on this topic. right now i am really craving all of these items. one of them is on the way to me... can you guess which one?

ps: don't even try guessing that it's the 800€ watch.

Nov 22, 2012


shoes MARCO / jeans H&M / jumper SOUTH KOREA / jacket VINTAGE / hat AMERICAN APPAREL

again an outfit for superstudio. a classmate told me i look like run dmc, which is totally the coolest compliment i ever got.

Nov 20, 2012


jumper ZARA / necklace + ring SUBDUED / other rings VINTAGE

i have wanted an infinity tattoo for many years but then everyone got it and i decided to stick with having no tattoos at all (also makes mum happy). good substitution: necklace and ring.


all via oysho

one thing i really appreciate about living in milan? there is oysho. i can't express how obsessed i am with this store. their stuff is FLUFFY, stylish and affordable. these are some of my favorites for the gym. i'd like to look really stylish when working out (like those "sporty models") but actually i wear to oldest shit with holes in it and fall down the treadmill. true story.

Nov 19, 2012


shoes MARCO / scarf ZARA / cardigan H&M / hat BERSHKA

sorry i've been looking like a funeral guest lately, but black just always works on lazy days. black AND fluffy are THE perfect combo though.

photos by xiaomei wu

Nov 18, 2012


mamma mia, again a few days with not a single post. i am becoming such a lazy blogger! this weekend my very best friend sophie came to milan with her boyfriend and we had the best time ever. shopping, eating out, partying. i miss her already loads, loads, loads.

anyway, these are some outfits i came across and i really liked.

Nov 16, 2012


 my kitchen in milan / everyday way to school

 accessories of the week

boredom par excellence

 cute gifts from sweetshirts and s.oliver

 streetbum one and two

 with my modelfriend sebastian / a shoot last week

 random lunch and dinner

Nov 15, 2012


wearing lakshmi lipstick (612) and beni durrer make-up in both pictures

as you might remember i spent an awesome weekend with glossybox about a month ago. now after testing all the products for a while, i have to admit that the ones that i was most suspicious about actually impressed me the most! (okay, paul mitchell is out of concurrence because i share a special love for them). But the winners this time are definitely lakshmi  and beni durrer ! i didn't know both brands before and i'm extremely convinced about their quality.

the lakshmi lipstick has become one of my favs, as well as their eyeliner. but the most i was impressed by beni durrers eyeshadow palette and studio-make-up. the make-up unfortunately is a little too light for my skin, but i use it anyway because it is REALLY GOOD. my skin looks totally photoshoped (and in my world that's actually a good thing). i am def going to by a darker shade and stock up on those eyeshadows, that i have been using every single day.

also a huge surprised waited for me the other day! the glossybox has made all the way to italy:

SAINT CHARLES COSMETHECARY Soap / COWSHED Hand Cream / SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Miracle Oil Shampoo / YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara / NYX Slim Eye Pencil

Nov 14, 2012


trousers TOPSHOP
socks MONKI

man, i SO wish to be wearing this outfit right now. (is that phrase even proper english? i don't think so.)

Nov 13, 2012


shirt COURTESY OF IMPURE / hat & jacket AMERICAN APPAREL / jeans & belt H&M

dayum it's almost winter, time to get out all those winterhats. got a nice package from the impure people the other day with some dope shirts and threw one of them on today.

Nov 11, 2012



GUYS. i have been spending the past 48h without my laptop and it has been so great. exploring milan (especially it's nightlife, of course) and strolling around. tomorrow my week starts again and i have shitloads to do. going nuts!

Nov 9, 2012


there's two types of presents: the ones that you wouldn't be able to afford and the ones that you simply can't buy. yesterday a very special someone gave me this drawing he made for me for my 3000 facebook fans. it's probably the most wonderful gift i have ever received and i can't believe how beautiful it is. dariadaria goes graffiti. amazeballs.

Nov 8, 2012


shoes MARCO / coat and skirt COS / turtleneck COMMA / bag H&M

i've really been into this whole british-school-girl-style lately. leather brogues, wool skirt, turtleneck shirt and boyfriend coat = awesomeness. the comfiest but refined look ever! anyway, on this sunny day in milan i went winter coat shopping with mummy and she got me the puffiest coat of all at max & co. i hate hate hate puffy jackets but the one hiding in this bag really is the perfect fluffy coat for me.