I started my first blog in 2007 and then Dariadaria in 2010. In 2013 I decided to not promote fast fashion after seeing many documentaries and reading articles on the industry. Over the past years I have tried to widen my horizon and knowledge on conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

For my social media activities I pledge the following:



  • fur

  • meat

  • the dairy industry

  • oil companies

  • companies that test on animals

  • fast fashion

  • pharmaceutical companies

  • unfair employment

  • sexism

  • racism or xenophobia

  • body shaming


I started a plant based diet in 2015, however I am forced to eat vegetarian every once in a while, especially when traveling to places where vegan food is not available. Also, I always try to go for the most ecological/ethical choice, depending on what’s available.

I try to wear vegan fashion, however I prefer biodegradable materials. Many vegan labels use plastic as an animal-friendly alternative, which means having to drill oil out of the planet. I wear strictly organic certified wool and second hand leather.


I first came in touch with zero waste through Lauren Singer’s TedTalk, which impressed and inspired me deeply. Since 2016 I have tried to emphasize my effort to live a zero waste lifestyle, however until now I have only been able to reduce about 70% of my waste. I live a low waste lifestyle and do my best to improve with time.


My job requires me to travel a lot - 70% of my ecological footprint is only travel related emissions. I have cut down on most short distance flights, replacing them with train travel. When I get job offers that require airplane travel I always evaluate wether the content I get through the trip is worth the ecological impact and justifies my cause. I compensate emissions through airplane travel with several carbon offset projects.


I only promote sustainable fashion brands and try to do my best evaluating if a brand is sustainable and ethical based on their certificates, transparency and activities. It is not always easy to evaluate, but I try to establish a relationship with the brand in order to understand wether they are truthful and honest. I do wear second hand fast fashion, because I think any item already in the textile-cycle needs to be worn until the end of its lifetime.


I only promote certified organic products. I do not wear or promote any make-up tested on animals and most of the beauty products I use are vegan. Some of the products I promote might contain organic beeswax.


All of the products or services I promote have been personally tested and I promise to never promote anything that I am not convinced of. I pledge to always be honest about the quality and performance of any product promoted. Any opinion or review however is personal - opinions differ from person to person and please keep in mind that I share what has worked for me personally. 

Part of my income comes from social media platforms, that’s why I strongly believe in being transparent about sponsored content. Paid content is always labeled with the words „sponsored“ or „ad“ and free PR samples are labeled with „prsample“.